The IR Medium Wave emitters are particularly suitable for the fast heating of surface parts or thin thickness materials. Plastic, water and other solvents absorb particularly well the radiation at this wavelength.

The main characteristics of IR Medium Wave emitters are:

  • Twin tube standard section:18 x 9 mm – 22 x10 mm – 33 x16 mm

  • Radiation peak in the range of 2,2 – 3,2µm

  • 35 W/cm maximum density of nominal power(to be verified in prototype phase)

  • 60 kW/m2 maximum surface power density

  • Filament Response time to Switch on /off between 30 and 70 seconds

  • Long lifetime of the emitter


Horizontal working position but on request there is also the possibility to design vertical working emitters


Possibility to apply a reflector directly on the quartz tube, to better convey and focus all the energy emitted on the material

Helios Quartz can design the right IR emitter with the peak radiation wavelength matching the optimal absorption curve of the material to be heated; this allows you to obtain the most efficient heating process with less energy consumption

Helios Quartz Technical Department can realize twin tube IR emitters with different filament configuration. This allows an extraordinary flexibility both in term of heated area modularity and cables position. In the picture below there are represented some of the most common filament configuration.

Dis_Medium_Wave_double_tube copia

Helios Quartz can also provide IR Medium Wave Single tube emitters in the following configurations:

Dis_Medium_Wave_single_tube copia