MULTYRAYS – Photochemical reactor

The photochemical apparatus PHOTOCHEMICAL MULTIRAYS REACTOR, has been developed thanks to the close cooperation between Helios Quartz R&D dept. and research centers, universities and laboratories for some important scientific tests like:
– ICH Photostability tests
– Photochemical processes
– Photo-Oxidation
– Filtered UV radiation
Particularly popular in science for its flexibility and ease of use, MULTIRAYS is made by an airy radiation chamber composed from one carousel with two rotating disks diam. 194 mm with different distances.
The upper disk has been punched with 27 holes on the circumference (diam. 15 mm.) while the lower one has got notchs used to sub stain the 27 quartz test tubes.
Around the carousel on a diameter of 285 mm are fixed 10 UV lamps (15 W) with a total length of 437nm controlled by one switch, every two lamps.
The airy radiation chamber is composed from one carousel with two rotating disks diam. 194 mm with varying distances. These lamps are fixed in a special lamp-holder with the IP44 protection and they are equipped with an aluminium special reflector round them, used to increase the radiation power.

According with the costumer’s requests on this apparatus Helios Quartz, offers the possibility to change the number of holes on the disks and besides is possible to replace the swing-plates with a big central test-bar (fixed in special threaded holes) with an eventual magnetic mixer supplied.