INVE 2000 – Accelerated weathering tester

The IR and UV radiation present in sunlight is responsible for almost all processes of photo-degradation of durable materials exposed to the external environment. The types of damage include color change, loss of gloss, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, weakness, loss of strength, oxidation, etc.
Since 1950 Helios Quartz produces INVE equipment providing customers a reliable and professional solution for Accelerated Weathering Test of any material that is exposed to the Sun Light. INVE equipment has been developed and continuously improved thanks to the close cooperation between Helios Quartz R&D dept. and research centers, universities and private companies’ laboratories.
INVE 2000, the latest version available in the market, is widely used and appreciated by customers to define, through laboratory testing, the degree of aging for any material, in solid or liquid form. The laboratory testing provides real-life data to materials that are normally exposed to the natural sunlight by exposing it to ultraviolet and infrared artificial radiation sources.
The test is performed by subjecting the materials to a uniform and constant irradiation with an aging power from 30 to 50 times higher than the intensity of the solar rays, obtaining consequently a fast and clear feedback about the reaction and deterioration rate of the materials tested.

Technical data:

  • Dimension 725 x 505 x H. 783 mm.
  • weight 70 Kg
  • Electric output line 230 V single-phase
  • Light sources: N° 2 UV high pressure lamps – N° 1 IR emitter
  • Electrical power supply panel and controls voltage 24V in compliance with the CE and CEI regulations.

Helios Quartz according to customer’s requests and application field equips the apparatus with different types of UV lamps.