The name Wood Lamp (named after the American scientist Robert Williams Wood), or Black Light, refers to a light source that emits electromagnetic radiation predominantly in the range of ultraviolet and in the visible light range.
A Wood Lamp produces light which is not directly visible to the human eye; however, it can be used to illuminate materials on which an ultraviolet radiation causes fluorescent and phosphorescent effects.
Black Light UV Lamp can be used in different applications within those: in the fight against the counterfeiting of banknotes; in the food sector, to detect the presence of fungus and bacteria in food products; in palaeography, to identify symbols and characters on scrolls and papyrus, which would be otherwise unreadable; in scientific field, to find marks of organic fluids, which are not visible to the human eye.
Since 1950 Helios Quartz has been producing wood light equipment and transluminators, giving its customers a professional and reliable solution to perform fluorescence test on every kind of material.
The whole range of black wood equipment has been developed and continuously improved, also thank to the collaboration between Helios’ R&D department and research centers, universities and labs of world leading companies in several fields.
Helios Quartz produces equipment with wavelengths between 180 and 380 nm, from small instruments for external testing up to larger ones for laboratory purposes, all with practical, economical and versatile features.

The wide range of Helios Quartz Black Light equipment includes:

  • Triwood 25/36 e Triwood 6/36, the best option for tests where a high light output is needed and where there is a variation in the wavelength;
  • Transluminators for laboratories T.S.36, T.S.31 e T.S.25, the best option for chromatographic tests on thin wire;
  • Manwood 25, for photochemical and chromatographic applications;
  • Manwood 36, for microbiological analysis.