UV Low Pressure Amalgam Lamps don’t contain only mercury: inside the lamp there is a solid amalgam, that is to say an alloy of mercury with other metals. The low-pressure amalgam lamps produced by Helios are the best solution for ultraviolet disinfection and oxidation of water, air and surfaces because they combine a very long working life (up to 20,000 hours) with an excellent UVC efficiency at 254 nm (up to 45%) and a much higher power density than traditional low pressure or mercury medium pressure lamps, as shown in the table below.
Helios Quartz_UV Lamps Tab
The main features:

  • Quartz tubes: Natural Quartz (OF) – efficiency at 254 nm – Natural Quartz (OG) – Syntetic Quartz (OG)
  • Outer diameter (OD) of the quartz tubes from 10 mm to 38 mm
  • Arc length from L. 100 mm up to L. 2600 mm and Power range from 50 W to 1500 W
  • Lamp Body shape: Linear – U form – Spiral – Other forms available upon request
  • Max nominal power density per unit length (to be checked in prototyping phase): 6W/cm
  • UVC max power intensity per unit length (to be checked in the prototyping stage): 4 W/cm
  • Coefficient of electric power conversion in UVC radiation at 254 nm up to 45%
  • Lifetime (lab tested and according to lamp power) up to 20000 hours
  • Working temperature from 1°C to 60°C with stable UVC emission
  • Maximum loss of efficiency at the end of its useful life from 5% to 20%.

UV Amalgam Lamps produced by Helios, thanks to their high power and long-lasting quality, represent a convenient solution for UV disinfection systems, containing the operating and maintenance costs due to the decrease of the total number of the lamps and electronic components to be installed.