In order to test different materials and to offer the best solution according to customer’s specification, Helios Quartz established a specialized Infrared Technical Center equipped with a cutting-edge Testing Machine capable of testing the behaviour of all kind of materials subjected to infrared radiation.

Test Machine 6_

  • The Helios Quartz Testing Machine is capable of winding and unwinding of most materials on a spool. Line speeds up to 30m/min  are possible to test materials such as plastic films and Metal coils and how they react to IR Heating.

  • Other Miscellaneous materials such as Leather or Textiles, may be used on our conveyor as an alternative. Conveyor line speeds may go up to 25m/min.

  • To fully simulate the processing application for our customers, the machine may operate in a dynamic or static operating mode.

  • The machine offers 3 different heating sections which may be adjusted according to the distance required between the IR Lamps and the material.grafico

  • Detailed and accurate information are provided by the machine software through a graphic that shows the temperature distribution on the product; the temperature can be measured through up to 8 thermocouples or through an infrared thermometer.


Helios Quartz specialists at the Infrared Technical Center are able to provide the customers with accurate information about:

  • the difference and the benefits of IR technology compared to traditional heating systems;
  • the most suitable wavelength for the specific material;
  • how the IR radiation affects the material;
  • how the IR system can be adjusted in the existing line;
  • how IR technology optimizes production efficiency.