The wide range of quartz glass articles by Helios includes tubes (up to 500 mm of outside diameter and 25 mm of wall thickness) and domed tubes (up to 350mm of outside diameter and 15mm of wall thickness) in clear, translucent or opaque quartz glass.

Great transmission spectrum in the wavelength range from UV to IR, high thermal and mechanical stability and resistance to almost all acid agents characterize these products.

Thanks to its attention in the choice of raw materials, its incoming and outgoing quality control and high production standards, Helios provides its tubes and domed tubes for several applications in different markets: Lighting, Chemical industry, Semiconductor, Optical fiber, Solar market, Glass industry, Industrial Furnaces, UV Disinfection and Oxidation, Pharmaceutical industry.

Helios always keeps at stock the whole range of standard diameters, the most used on the market, but it is also able to produce tubes with non-standard dimensions, also with slight tolerances and for small quantities. Our glass production department can meet in a very short time every request, providing tailor-cut tubes with fired (a), flared (b), flanged (c) edges. And round (d) or flat (e) bottom.

tubi e guaine 2

Thanks to its long-time experience in the production of quartz glass, Helios can advise the customers in the choice of the best quartz quality according to the application; Helios’ technical department can advise also on the correct dimensions of quartz tubes according to the customers’ requests.