The Low Pressure UV Lamps, also called “germicidal lamps”, exploit UVC light to get the rapid sterilization of bacteria, molds, fungi, viruses and microorganisms both in air and in water. In this category of lamps about 40% of electricity is converted directly into UVC radiation with monochromatic emission at 254 nm for germicidal applications and at 185 nm for the oxidation of surfaces.

The main features:

  • Quartz tube:  Natural Quartz (OF) – Natural Quartz (OG) – Synthetic Quartz (OG)
  • Outer diameter (OD) of the quartz tubes from 10 mm to 38 mm
  • Arc length from L. 50 mm. to L. 2000 mm and Power range from 5 W to 200 W
  • Lamp Body shape: Linear – U form – Spiral – Other forms available upon request
  • Max nominal power density per unit length (to be checked in prototyping phase): 1W/cm
  • UVC max power intensity per unit length (to be checked in the prototyping stage): 0,4 W/cm
  • Lifetime (lab tested and according to lamp power) up to 16000 hours
  • Working temperature from 5°C to 40°C with stable UVC emission
  • Maximum loss of efficiency at the end of its useful life: 40%

Helios uses the best materials in the production of Mercury UV Low Pressure Lamps and is able to provide customers with all standard models available on the market, with all possible configurations of the terminals, also with the configuration “High Output” where UVC emission can be up to 60% higher than the basic model with the same wavelength.