Helios Quartz has been manufacturing for 70 years UV polymerization equipment which is particularly useful for general photo-polymerization process such as drying films of UV reactive inks, lacquers and paints, bonding glass to glass, glass to metal or electronic components set with UV reactive adhesives.

Helios Quartz POLYMER apparatus is universally recognized as the most reliable UV polymerization equipment available in the market and its product range is represented by two basic instruments of 400 and 500 Watt, additionally the 1000 Watt POLIMER may be supplied on request. According to the customer’s request and to the specific application, POLIMER can be equipped with different types of UV Quartz lamp.

POLYMER is formed by a double metal body in which housed the ultraviolet lamp and it is equipped with a protective quartz glass plate permeable to ultraviolet radiation. Provided with a comfortable insulating material grip, is easily handled by the operator also is predisposed with mounting system for in line applications.

Helios Quartz, thanks to the great experience, has developed the design of the reflector to optimize the reflection of the ultraviolet radiation and to minimize the heat transmission produced by the ultraviolet lamp, also the reflector.
The POLIMER device is appreciated in all market nicheswhere resins, glues, paints or products require UV exposure:
• Graphic and printing
• Glass
• Universities and laboratories
• Wood
• Plastic

Helios Quartz suggests costumers consult the technical data sheets of the UV products in order to select the appropriate UV lamp and get the best UV curing process.