Helios Quartz products are used in many fields of application of the Glass Industry. Here are some examples of the most common areas of use.

Laminated glass production and processing

The laminated glass is a special glass made of two or more glass plates with in between PVB layers. In order to obtainDSC00860 a good laminating process, it is recommended to be sure that the float glass air side surface is in contact with the PVB layer, for this reason it is advisable to check the glass with the Automatic Tin Detector. Of course in case of laminated glass with more than two glass plates it is impossible to have always the air side in contact with the PVB foil. IR Medium Wave emitters are particularly indicated for the heating of the PVB during the lamination process. Helios Quartz design its IR Medium Wave emitters with a high performance that is especially appreciated by most of the worldwide leader companies in the production of laminations ovens. The Fast Medium Wave emitters, thanks to their fast on/off response time, are used in the laminated glass cutting machines.

Drying screen printing and coating curing

In the drying screen printing processes of automotive and household appliance glasses and in the curing of decorative glass coatings it is suitable the usage of Helios Quartz products, in particular:

  • the float glass tin side detection by using the TIN DETECTOR ANALYZER;
  • the usage of Infrared emitters, that permit the heating only when and where is really necessary, speeding up of the process, improving the output quality and the reduction of the energy consumption;
  • the usage of UV lamps and Polimer equipment for the polymerization of inks, lacquers and paints that react with the UV light.

Mirror productionvetro1

In the mirror production lines the IR quartz emitters

are used for the glass preheating before the silvering

process and after, in ovens, for the curing of the coating.

Glass bending and fusion

In the glass bending and glass fusion processes more and more often the IR quartz emitters are chosen as heat generator. They guarantee:

  • a shorter heating time therefore a considerable energy saving;
  • a high quality output; thanks to the homogeneous heating the glass is not affected by thermal stress;
  • simple installation and fast maintenance
  • precise regulation of the temperature in the different zone of the oven.

Glass annealing processes

After glass modeling processes, in order to avoid stress and easy breakage, it is advisable to make the glass cool down in a controlled way; for this process it is possible to use the IR quartz emitters that, thanks to their easy control, allow a smooth control of the desired temperature profile.

Vacuum processes

IR quartz emitters produced by Helios Quartz can be properly designed for their usage in vacuum chambers as it happens in the thin film solar cells production and during the preheating process before the coating of the low emitting glass.