Advanced technology, careful selection of materials and maximum reliability: Helios Quartz UV Lamps are the result of a long and solid experience in the market.
Air, water and surfaces disinfection and oxidation, Ultraviolet curing, drying of UV glues, paints and varnishes: Helios Quartz UV Lamps are suitable for many applications, even the most complex. According to the different applications and customers’ needs, Helios can study, develop and produce specific UV Systems and Equipments.
The wide range of UV Lamps by Helios Quartz includes:

  • Medium Pressure UV Lamps
  • Low Pressure UV Lampsintro UV Lamps
  • Amalgam UV Lamps
  • Black Light UV Lamps (Wood’s light)

The choice of using a quartz tube to produce UV lamps is not random: this material, known for its high thermal and
mechanical stability, has high transmission efficiency and it is highly transparent to UV radiation.
Helios uses different kinds of quartz tubes according to the type of ultraviolet lamp to be produced:

  • Natural quartz
  • Synthetic Quartz
  • Doped Quartz (Ozone Free)