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Helios Quartz America Inc.

Special Quartz Infrared Heaters

Special Infrared Heaters
Special-Shaped Infrared Heaters

Our experience in the manufacturing of infrared heaters and quartz glass items allows us to design special quartz infrared heaters in non-linear shapes, including:

  • Circular-shaped emitters
  • Omega-shaped emitters
  • Oval-shaped emitters
  • Linear-shaped emitters extending 90° from the lamp body
  • Special shapes that follow the profile of the heated object

Through the circular-shaped, omega-shaped and oval-shaped emitters,it is possible to heat up a tubular object by using only one emitter. These types of special-shaped quartz infrared heaters are most commonly used in plastic heating applications such as welding, bending and the heating of plastic parts.

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